Admission procedure
Candidates applying for admission through study centre of IASE University should read the following instructions carefully.
Admissions are accepted:
In semester mode: In yearly mode:
  • January - June Session
  • July - December Session
  • January - December Session
  • July - June Session
Admission will be granted to individual candidate against application submitted through the respective approved Study Centre.
The Candidate will ensure the following:
  • The prescribed original application form has been used.
  • The form has been filled up legibly in CAPITAL letters.
  • Only black and blue ink has been used to fill up the form.
  • No overwriting has been done.
  • No column has been left blank.
  • Photocopy of the form has not been used.
  • In case the form has been downloaded from the university's website the Candidate should ensure that additional sum of Rs.150 has been added to the total fees being submitted.
  • The required eligibility documents have been attached (Refer the 'Eligibility' section). The University will issue the Enrolment Number and the Admit card only if the Candidate has fulfilled the eligibility conditions as per the University's norms.
  • If the form has been submitted without fulfilling the eligibility conditions, apart from rejecting the form out rightly, the processing fee of Rs.500 will be deducted from the total amount submitted to the University.
  • In case the same form is re-submitted after the necessary corrections for eligibility then
    1. A late fee will be charged, as applicable, even if the form is being submitted before the last date. The Candidate should ensure to add the late fee.
    2. The Candidate will automatically be considered for admission in the next semester in case the application is received after the last date.
    3. In case the candidate has sought lateral entry in 3rd / 5th semester and found not eligible, he / she would be granted admission in 1st / 3rd semester (conditions apply).
    The form, complete in all respects, is to be submitted at the authorized study centre where the admission is sought.
  • Bridge course is offered only if application forms are received one month before the last day (20th march '08).
  • Fax of any document will not be considered as a valid document for verification/issue/submission/admission and/or any other purposes at any point of time.
The candidate should ensure, before submitting the application for admission that the course is offered by the IASE (the details are available in the prospectus and Website). The candidate should fulfill the eligibility conditions as laid down in the prospectus for the said course. Once the form is accepted by the IASE and the candidate is found eligible, the candidate will receive Enrolment number and Admit Card. He/she will collect the same from the study centre where he / she had submitted the application form. Candidate will refer his unique Enrollment Number and Study Centre Code in all correspondence with the University.

In case of any discrepancy or any correction required in any of the documents, candidates / Centre Head should inform the IASE within 7 days from the date of its dispatch for necessary rectification. Request for change or correction made thereafter will be entertained only on payment of fee of Rs. 300/- in either case.

Whenever a correction is requested, the application for the same should be forwarded with the photocopy of the document duly corrected in red ink along with the original document un-tampered.

Candidates will strictly abide by the Rules & Regulations / Terms & Conditions as laid down by IASE from time to time.


To meet the eligibility criteria, the degrees / diplomas / certificates issued by a recognized University / Board / Institution, or concerned Statutory Authority only are accepted.

Photocopies of the documents establishing the eligibility of candidate are required to be submitted duly self attested by the candidate and notarized / attested by a gazetted officer. The same should be verified, stamped and signed by the Centre Head otherwise university will not be responsible for any error. If a candidate appears in any examination without having proper eligibility at any point of time or without paying the requisite fee, the admission, and the examination(s) passed by the candidate is / are liable to be cancelled without any liability on the part of IASE and the entire fee paid will be forfeited.

During the process of eligibility verification, if a candidate is found having submitted a forged certificate, not only his / her admission will be cancelled, but the candidate will also be debarred from appearing at any examination of the University. Legal action will also be initiated against such candidates and / or the Head of Centre, as the case may be.

If any deficiency is found in eligibility or in the information provided in the application form, the University reserves the right to accept or reject any admission.


Lateral Entry shall be allowed only in the programmes where the same is specifically mentioned.

Candidates who are pursuing programmes from other Universities can continue their remaining part of the programme from the Study Centres of IASE for the next years / semesters as per University rules. The period of study in the IASE shall not be less than 50% of the total duration of the course or unless mentioned in the prospectus.

Candidate, otherwise eligible for the course and interested to take transfer from other University under this provision, will fill up the regular Application Form and also include transfer fee of Rs.1,000 and other fees as applicable mentioned in the prospectus.

The Candidate will also clear remedial examination, if any of the papers are not equivalent to the course / syllabus of IASE. The candidate has to pay Rs.300 per unmatched paper* along with Credit Transfer Fee of Rs.1000, Course Fee, Enrolment Fee and Examination Fee.

For appearing in unmatched papers, the candidate must fill in and submit the separate Reappearing / Due Paper Form available on the IASE website, along with the main application form and can appear for the mismatched paper or remedial examination, if any, along with the main examination.

For Registration and Examination purposes, for the entire course, migration certificates will not be required. However, for lateral entry or credit transfer facility, migration certificate issued by the competent authority of the concerned University / Board and a certificate issued by the Head of the Institute, so attended by the candidate shall be essential.


Complete fee (Individual Demand Draft for each candidate) will be deposited with IASE. Candidate must deposit the form and pay complete fee within the last date announced.

The candidate shall procure a single Demand Draft for the total amount shown in fee statement for the required course - Admission Fee, Course Fee, Late Fee, Bridge Course, Lateral Entry Fee, Credit Transfer Fee and any other fee as applicable.
All payments are to be made only by A/C payee Demand Drafts payable at SARSDARSHAHR / DELHI, favouring “REGISTRAR, IASE University, A /C SC (Study Centre) Code .........”.

Any instrument payable at other than Delhi / Sardarshahr shall be charged Rs. 1000 per instrument. Applications Form(s) for which payments is / are made by any other mode is liable to be rejected. The University does not accept cash and will not be responsible for any payment made in cash to University / Technical Consultant / Centre / anyone.

Name, Father's name, Course, Semester/Year should be clearly written at the back of each draft forwarded to the IASE. The purpose of the draft should also be mentioned e.g. 'Provisional Certificate Fee' / 'Due Paper Fee' / 'Re-evaluation Fee' / 'Re-registration Fee' or any other fee as applicable.

The candidate will submit the duly filled in Application Form, complete in all respects, at the respective centre along with notarized / duly attested eligibility documents and demand draft, and he / she should take acknowledgement from the Centres for the same. The University may call for original documents for verification at any point of time.

IASE will not refund the fee(s) once the Admission-cum-Examination Form is accepted. No refund is permissible against withdrawal of any application.

In case an Application Form is rejected on the ground of incomplete information / fee / ineligibility, the fee deposited by the candidate shall be refunded after deducting the processing charges of Rs. 500 in each case.

The IASE does not take any responsibility for postal delays or loss of documents in transit.

Fee prescribed is for current session. Fee may be revised from time to time and the same will be applicable to new and existing candidates.


Change of Study Centre is not permissible within the same city / town within a radius of 10 kms. However, in exceptional cases, transfer can be considered on merit or in genuine cases, that too at the beginning of the session only. Normally, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) should be obtained from the original Centre. The final decision, in such matters, will be that of the University.
In such cases, the candidate should submit the application for transfer along with the No Objection Certificate and a transfer fee of Rs.500/- to the IASE University. In case the transfer is not permitted the fee will be refunded.

In case IASE does not permit the transfer of Centre, and the candidate appears for the examination as a candidate of the changed Centre, it will be treated as misconduct on the part of candidate and malpractice on the part of accepting centre. The result of such candidates will be withheld until a satisfactory explanation is received.


The Medium of Examination will be English / Hindi only.

The Examination Fee as prescribed is to be paid along with the Registration / Re-registration Fee.

Each candidate shall be examined according to the scheme of Examination and Syllabus as approved by the University. The IASE reserves the right to change the course / curriculum whenever deemed suitable and / or necessary.

Examinations will be conducted in the months of June / July and December / January. List of cities where Examination Centres are established, are intimated one month before the commencement of Examination and the name of the Examination Centres are intimated a week before the commencement of examination (on the website).

The Time-Table is put on IASE website well before the Examination. The Examination Schedule and Admit Cards are dispatched directly to the Study Centres at least a week before the examinations commence. If a candidate does not receive any information in reference to the above he / she should immediately contact the Examination Section of the IASE in Sardarshahr.

In some cases, candidate(s) is / are given provisional roll number(s) as the eligibility documents are either not submitted or are under verification. However, it is not a confirmation of his / her admission, and the admission can be annulled or cancelled in case any deficiency is found at any stage.

Candidates must carry their Admit Card to the Examination Centre without which they will not be permitted to enter the Examination Hall.


Examination Centres are normally established in places / areas within 200 Kms radius of the Study Centres.

Examination City / Centre cannot be changed after issue of Hall Tickets. In exceptional cases, request for change of Examination City / Centre can be considered if the same is submitted at the time of admission / re-registration or 20 days before the commencement of examination along with processing fee of Rs.500 per candidate. In case the change is not permitted, the fee will be refunded.


Evaluation system is as follows:
  • Internal Assessment (continuous evaluation 30 %)
  • Practical Examination as prescribed in the syllabus.
  • Term End Examination (70%). Each paper shall consist of 100 marks.
Continuous evaluation is done through assignments, practical and viva at the respective Study Centre where the candidates are enrolled. Final examinations are conducted by the IASE at the end of the semester / year. Performance of the candidates is evaluated based on internal assessment and final examination, independent of each other.


30 % of the total performance of the candidate shall be evaluated through Internal Assessment.

The candidate must submit regular assignments for each course every semester / year to the Study centre.

The practical examination (where applicable) will be held at the Study centre.


Candidates should submit their project synopsis to the Head of their Centre along with their full name, programme title, Centre Code and enrolment number, latest by the date prescribed for the purpose.

The Head of the Centre will decide the date for submission of the project report and date for project presentation / demonstration.

Project report should be submitted both in hard as well as soft copy to the University.

Project undertaken by a candidate must be his / her original work.


Results will be put up in the website as soon as those are declared (in usual course within 60 days from the last date of examination).

IASE reserves the right to withhold result(s) for making enquiry, as it may deem fit; and to take appropriate action against the candidate(s) and / or the Centre; in case the information furnished by the candidate and verified by the Centre is found to be incorrect / false beyond any reasonable doubt, the university will take appropriate action against one or both.

IASE will dispatch the Mark cards directly to the respective Study Centres, wherefrom the students can collect the same.

Whenever a correction is requested, the application for the same should be forwarded within 15 days along with a photocopy of the document duly corrected in red ink along with the original document, un-tampered, without which the request will not be entertained.


A candidate can apply for re-evaluation of his / her answer copies (only for two papers) through an application (available on the website), along with the prescribed fee of Rs. 300 per paper, within 15 days from the date of declaration of Results. Request for re-evaluation of answer copies of due paper(s) or back-log paper(s) will not be accepted.


A candidate, who has successfully completed all semesters / years of a course, can apply for the provisional certificate by submitting the following:
  • A prescribed format is to be filled and forwarded to the University (available on the website).
  • Photocopies of all mark cards issued by IASE University.
  • In case of Lateral Entry or Credit Transfer, the mark cards of the respective University should also be provided.
  • All mark cards forwarded to the IASE should be self attested by the candidate, notarized or attested by the gazetted officer and verified by the Head of the concerned Study Centre.
  • Enclose a Demand Draft of Rs.300 along with the application.

For issue of duplicate copy of any accountable document, an FIR with the relevant Police authority is a pre-requisite. Each application for a duplicate document along with a copy of the FIR should be submitted to the University along with a fee of Rs. 300.


All degrees, diplomas and certificates will be awarded by the IASE University.

  • In the event of any clarification needed, the decision of the Vice Chancellor will be final and binding.
  • The candidates are advised to check the Website of the IASE from time to time, to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments. Information posted on the Website will be deemed to have been communicated to each of the candidates.
  • Disputes, if any, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court at Sardarshahr, Distt. Churu, Rajasthan.
  • For all application forms, this prospectus is effective from January 1st 2008. It may be amended form time to time.
  • Reproduction / printing of any IASE document is illegal and a cognizable offence.
Note: The latest information available on the website shall be deemed applicable for all the matters concerned.